10 Best Ways to Gain Weight Fast and Safely in 2019

About more than two by third of people alone in the US are overweight. And there are some other people who are over thin. This is our world one in another problem and another one in their own problem. So, we have prepared some list of best ways to gain weight fast or just in a week.

It’s true that many kids and even old guys are facing the problem of weight. Underweight is caused by not having the proper amount of protein or craps inside your body.

Here are some awesome tips to gain weight:

  1. Never drink water before meals.
  2. Eat as much as you can.
  3. Drink milk. Milk is rich in calories and protein.
  4. Try weight gainer shakes. Shakes contain a large number of calories, craps, and fat.
  5. Be constant never outdated your plan
  6. Add cream to your coffee. It will add more amount of calories.
  7. Take creatine. The muscle building supplement can help you gain muscle weight.
  8. Get a quality sleep. Sleeping is very important for muscle and weight growth.
  9. Eat your protein first. Eat the vegetables last.
  10. Don’t smoke. Smokers tend to weigh less and often leads to weight gain.

So, these are the quick guide or top 10 quick steps to gain weight as fast as you can.

weight gaining foods

We have listed the chart above where you can see how much fats or lbs it contain. Let’ see what experts say about weight gain plans.

Some people are skinny but still, they are very healthy. Being, underweight is not always a problem so don’t panic unless you are in unhealthy. While other studies show that being underweight in man and woman has big differences.

We mean if the male is underweight than there is a big chance of being unhealthy in comparison to women. (1) And another report shows that if a man is unhealthy then there is a huge change in dying early. (2)

Under weight is really a big problem to the people who are too skinny. The main problems it an arises are early death, low immunity, risk of infections and low recovery if accident occurs.

So, you need to be very much careful when it comes to gaining weight.

Gain Weight in a Healthy Way

Now, there are some crooked methods to gain weight like using steroids or eating too much fatty food. Sadly, these things don’t really work that well. You need to get a really good grasp of how the mechanisms like hormones and your body type affect your weight gain. There are some tested methods that work while some other methods don’t really have the scientific backup.


Calories, in laymen’s term, is the measure of energy that your body gets when you consume food. The scientific and exact definition is quite elaborate so let’s just not get into it. Calories can also be understood as reserved fat or let’s just say, it’s like petrol for your body. More calories you take the more weight you gain. This doesn’t mean that all calorie is healthy. Calorie that you get, particularly from fat isn’t healthy. So, eating too much fatty food will actually make you thin. It’s because your body won’t accept the calories. Sticking on a diet will make sure that you get proper calories.

So, How much calories should you take?

Well, it is pretty straight forward, you take more calories than you can burn. The number of calories you burn depends upon your daily routine. If you sit around all day doing nothing, you won’t burn calories. But if you work too hard, you burn calories. This is why lazy people are very fat. They don’t burn the calories they take and it accumulates in their bodies, filling their body parts with fat. You can follow the same approach, minimize physical labor and consume more healthy calories. That way, you get muscles and gain proper weight. Make sure you don’t get the calories from an unhealthy food product.

ways to gain weight infographic

Methods to Get more calories

You can follow the divide and conquer strategy here. Don’t consume a lot of food at once. Divide your daily eating habits into sections and eat throughout the day. Conquer calories like a soldier you are! Another trick is to consume food that doesn’t fill your stomach but provides a lot of calories. These foods are basically high in protein. ( for example; nuts)

This is it, guys. Follow our tips and strategies and we guarantee you’ll gain weight. Be patient though, gaining weight isn’t something you do overnight. It takes much patience.

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