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TestoFuel Review | Including Complete Details, Pros & Cons as well as Buyer Review

Testofuel is a natural testosterone supplement specially made for athletes and bodybuilders. The product has been marketed towards individuals who are seeking to get an outcome out of their daily working.  It is suitable for anyone post-adolescence. People relatively older with the hope to enhance their testosterone level can also use this product.

The product has claimed to assist decrease the body fat ratio, increase muscle power, increase testosterone production and libido, and enhance muscle growth. The company also consist a 90-day guaranty money back policy for the product.

The manufacturing and marketing of the product is done by Roar Ambition Ltd situated both in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Despite being a  new player in the testosterone supplement market of products, the strategy of marketing devised by the company has made the difference for the positive launch of the product into the lives of many gym going people.

The customers are absolutely safe with the company’s  FDA and GMP certifications which significantly increases our trust in this product’s quality.


The company behind TestoFuel is Roar Ambition. The company’s manufacturing plant of the product is in the UK and the US.  TestoFuel has been in a production roll for well over 5 years currently and it has a huge global shipment network.

In relation to the official website of the said company, the product is manufactured under GMT and FDA certified environment. The UK based production is also performed under the regulation of the European Union (EU)’s requirements to meet the standards set by European customers.


Roar Ambition has assertions that  TestoFuel might assist to:

  • Decrease the amount of fat in the  body
  • Increase the level of testosterone
  • Raise the size and strength of muscle
  • Rapidly enhance self-esteem and confidence

Having a look at the ingredients making up the formula’s composition, the assertions are simple to prove.

Taking a look at some researches , we see that oysters have ten times more zinc than beef steak. And we all have the knowledge that zinc is one of the strongest testosterone boosters there is.

In addition to zinc, D-aspartic acid is also one of the strongest ingredients that boost testosterone levels by as much as 45.5% in about two to three weeks.

Ginseng and Fenugreek are also crucial  for the production of testosterone. The assertions about the product is positive backed by scientific findings as these are highly strong ingredients for the required purpose. But,  Fenugreek  needs more research on its testosterone boosting ability.

With strong certifications and very effective natural ingredients, one can say a good job has been done to make sure of the quality but that is not the end. You should consider other things and  look into it before deciding to make a purchase.


TestoFuel manufacturer company, Roar Ambition brags about it’sthe product being made from natural ingredients only. The assertion comes from all are from the latest, well-researched ingredients.

The top constituents  that make TestoFuel one of the well-formulated testosterone boosters are:

  • D-aspartic acid : an amino acid that increases testosterone level.
  • Fenugreek seed
  • Asian Red Panax Ginseng : an herb known to enhance sex hormones and secrete more adrenaline.
  • Oyster extract : It is proven to contain 10 times the amount of zinc as beef steak
  • Vitamin D : Helps the production of hormones.

Research has shown that D-aspartic acid is very effective as a regulator of testosterone. It is one of the most vital ingredients that revamp fertility in males.

Advantages and Outcomes

TestoFuel asserts to come with the following advantages:

  • Naturally increases the level of testosterone
  • Helps to grow muscle faster up
  • Growth of  strength and energy
  • Great for improving one’s performance in the gym.
  • Is a great self-esteem booster
  • It is naturally synthesized

Results and findings are shown on the company’s website to market the effectiveness of this product.

TestoFuel and Weight Loss

TestoFuel contains some crucial ingredients that increase testosterone levels. According to the portfolio of the company,  testosterone increment in the body results in the ability of the body to control fat and increase metabolism. In addition to this,  lower testosterone levels also result in fat metabolism, glucose and insulin also reduce. This causes more fat to be stored in the body.

Fat in the body significantly lowers the testosterone level. It secretes an enzyme called aromatase. This enzyme transforms the testosterone to the predominant female hormone called estrogen, which does not support the growth of muscles.

TestoFuel has claims of being formulated with all-natural components to continually increase testosterone levels in the body. Oyster extract and D-aspartic acid are completely natural ingredients.  They increase testosterone levels and stop the storage of fat in the body.


For the required results, the company recommends taking TestoFuel alongside a gym program, and enough diet necessary for bodybuilding and attaining a good physique.  One capsule four times daily with snacks or meals is highly recommended. Make sure to space the dosage evenly to allow your body to fully absorb the formula.

A pack contains 120 capsules, for 30 days. Two tablets may be taken at once but w don’t recommend this. Slight stomach cramps or an inconsistent bowel movement can result due to the product being high in D-aspartic acid when you select to take two capsules without enough nutrition.

Here is the company’s recommended time for your daily dose of TestoFuel.

  • 7 am – Breakfast
  • 10 am – Snack
  • 1 pm – Lunch
  • 6 pm – Dinner

Side Effects

The TestoFuel manufacturer asserts to not have many side effects from the product. The company stated that the only issue you might have with taking the product is if you are allergic to the individual ingredients in the formula. The common side effects that people have felt are headaches and stomach troubles.

This may be a result of taking more than one capsule at a time without an adequate meal. It can be because of a large amount of D-Aspartic acid in the composition. Having an even space in the dosing time is also crucial to avoid headaches, discomfort, and tiredness. You should always consult your doctor before taking any types of supplements.

Product Warnings

There are no label warnings about the product. We checked their website for it. This might be for the reason that the product claims to have little to no side effects. If you decide on this product, make sure you find out what you are allergic to in the composition.

Lawsuits and Reputation

Currently, it seems there is no lawsuit against the company despite having some negative reviews. However, we’ve found a user who asserts that he was forced to file a lawsuit to get his money back.  Lawsuits on this product is yet to be seen besides this one unconfirmed fiasco.


If TestoFuel isn’t the one to satisfy you. There are other alternatives which:

  • TestRX
  • Monster T
  • Testosterone Max
  • Nugenix
  • Prime Male
  • Testogen


If you are someone seeking to purchase TestoFuel, you’re likely to be amazed to know that TestoFuel is not sold in stores or on other online stores like Amazon or GNC.

Purchase can also be directed by the company. It is the company’s policy. It believes that it is the best way to do business. It assists to decrease production cost and ensures a customer’s communication with the company directly without needing to go through a middle party. It is believed to give customers a conviction that they are purchasing a very genuine product.


The pricing of the product comes from the company’s website. It is done in three packages. Each package contains some perks.

The Price of One bottle is $65.

The price of Two bottles is $130.

The price of  Three bottles is $195.00.

Free Delivery is available to UK and US only.

Does it Really Work?

If you visit the official TestoFuel page, you are likely to be amazed by the number of testimonials they display there.

It consists of real people with full photo and name identities. The common thing in all the pictures is the outcome that shows the physical body structure of the individuals with TestoFuel before and after it’s used. Our question is, are these reviews reliable for anyone to decide on the product?

As genuine as their content looks it’s very much biased. We have to check for TestoFuel reviews on platforms which are neutral. This helps us to get more results and comments from people who are not the company puppet.

Bodybuilding Training

Many people have complained about reviews about not being able to see the desired outcome. The TestoFuel guide tells you that this depends on your diet plan and training program.

According to the manufacturer, you start seeing results within two weeks if you follow the guidelines properly.

Do notice that the product does it’s work better for those who hit the gym regularly and take optimum nutrition. TestoFuel bodybuilding training assists to give you good outcomes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TestoFuel

If you are going to buy TestoFuel for the first time, below are some of the pros and cons of TestoFuel you may not find on the TestoFuel label.


Manufactured from natural ingredients.

Uses enhanced Oyster Extract.

Has a 90-day trial with a  money back guarantee.


Money Back Guarantee lasts for only 90-day order and it’s not free, additional $35 admin fee is required.

Can not be purchased through physical stores.

It’s not affordable for some people.


After making the purchase, you should properly use TestoFuel. These directions give users more benefit. They are in accordance with the manufacturer.

There are various options for using the product. For TestoFuel direction, you can check the user guide for adequate information. Meanwhile here are the two core options as provided by the company:

Using TestoFuel along with a diet (nutrition). Using TestoFuel along with a training program.

Final Verdict

testofuel reviews

The penultimate question remains, “should you take out your well-earned money and order a bottle of TestoFuel?” Well, we really think that this testosterone booster does not really need a prescription.

The Supplement is also very portable to use as it comes in a small form factor. Yet, we have some doubts about this product because of the side effects and the minimal results that some users have reportedly experienced.

But If it is your goal to  work out more, enhance the level of testosterone and increase the overall muscle strength, then we recommend you to select a product that does not cause harsh adverse reactions, a product which  is backed by plenty of user testimonials and which gives you a lot of value for your money.

We Hope that this TestoFuel review has given enough information for you to make an informed decision if the product is the correct one. We feel that TestoFuel is a muscle builder, energy giver, mood and sex drive booster manufactured from natural ingredients.

It is among some of the best testosterone boosters we’ve come to review. Using this product will generate fast and feasible results compared to some other products.


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